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What was helpful in the lessons? The tranquility that radiated from the trainer and transferred to the students, the content of the lessons and what the children learned that they could fit in directly.

Before I felt very dark and depressed and after the lessons my head was clear and quiet.

The lessons and our discussions in class are going easier and faster. As if we speak the same language; the Rock & Water language! We're able to interact without speaking, it is a social happening. In addition, there are many things of individual pupils, revealed by the Rock & Water training. Their behaviour in the group and its effect on others improved a lot.

The lessons always had the same rhythm, which gives structure. But on the other hand, the lessons were quite unique in relation to interpretation, making it still new and challenging for the students. Through the various exercises we picked a clear goal we wanted to achieve or made us curious. Juliette is a nice teacher for the students to work with, she is open and gives confidence to the students. She shows what Rock & Water mean: respect for each other.

I have learned to control my behaviour more, I now talk in a water way instead of rock

Clear expectations were achieved. Variety and alignment with what the group needed at that time.  

The exercises were well explained. The playfulness, and the positive approach towards the children. They had a lots of fun.

My students are more aware that breathing has a positive effect. For togetherness some exercises were extremely effective. Individually, some children benefited from exercises that strengthened their self-confidence.

Nassir (10) said he has built up his own confidence. He achieved the aims, to be more himself and have more self-control ( self- chosen aims).

Duncan (10) said he learned to trust.  

Abou (9) was relaxed and more confident. He said that he learned to trust as well.  

I appreciated the interview at school very much. It was very special to notice that you could 'read' my son so accurately and immediately had ideas about his diagnosis and outpatient treatment.

Juliette has a deep knowledge of child development and behaviour. When the child's behaviour is out of the ordinary or the child's development shows gaps or is delayed, she is able to identify this at an early stage. Following on this, she gives background information and practical advice to the teacher involved, in order to modify the child's behaviour and stimulate the development of the child. Her observations are accurate and the teachers find her advice truly helpful.  Even the most experienced teachers are open for her suggestions.

Juliette her creativity allows her to provide an innovative approach to all issues relating to teaching and learning. Juliette is passionate about providing all children the best possible learning environment.

During the past two years Juliette has provided our primary teachers with expert advice on pupils whose behaviour require special attention from the homeroom teacher.

I know now that making mistakes is OK. I'm no longer afraid to expand my brain and learn new things. I was insecure about this but now I understand and will try to accept this.

My head is always full of thoughts. During the first lesson it was all quiet and still in my head.

I found your peace and clarity to the children very pleasant. You have given the kids something special. The evaluation per child was very pleasant. So good that the group was also introduced to Rock and Water after you had worked with a small group of children from our class.

Also, thank you for the lessons and guidance related to Sam!

The tips Juliette provided me with for children with behaviourial issues were practical and very helpful.

The children have learned to stay closer to themselves. There was more peace in the children. There was a lot of incoherence. Now, there is a more coherent group.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and positive approach. I love the simplicity of the principles and physical approach. There are fewer incidents between the students. Also, children who were quiet and shy have become more assertive.

The report gave a familiar picture of our son and we wanted to let it sink in. It was very nice that it was described so specifically. It gave us a chance to look again at our child and our relationship with fresh eyes. It also gave us a lot of confidence in the school. We are grateful that there is a place for in him in this class.

Eva, teacher primary school, grade 4,5

Marion, teacher primary school, grade 3

Esther, teacher primary school, grade 1  

Bob, teacher primary school, grade 6

Ingrid, teacher primary school, grade 2

Jasmijn, pupil (12)

Diane, pupil (9)

Dave, pupil (8)

Iris, pupil (8)

Parent from the International school

Tara, pupil (13)

Sharon, teacher primary school, grade 1

Parent of a primary school student in grade 4

Jasper, teacher primary school, grade 6

Suzanne, teacher primary school, grade 5

Principal International school Hilversum

PYP coordinator and teacher international school