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        Sound Therapy

The vibration and resonance of the sound of the tuning forks will enter deeply into your body, mind and soul. The resonance will connect with the natural body frequencies and balances the physical and subtle energy fields. When this is happening one can feel a deep wellness, inner harmony and peace.

Sound therapy is focused to maintain harmony. When there is harmony, deeper levels of the soul can be displayed. Sound therapy is non-dual.

Sound therapy does the work itself. When there are disharmonic sounds the tuning forks will clear the blockages and everything which doesn’t belong to you can dissolve, so there can arise a new sense of harmony and synthesis.

Examples of problems which can be solved are physical pains in the spine, joints and muscles, emotional misbalances like restlessness and tiredness, sadness.

Katoa can practice sound therapy during counselling sessions with children/ young people but also with adults. Depending on the need I will work different sessions with you.


Sound therapy aims to maintain harmony. When there is harmony, deeper levels of the soul can be displayed.


Sound Therapy is based on the scientific belief that every organ exists of vibration, which in turn causes pulses. A pulse creates waves, which can be observed as form. From here you can see that everything that has pulse, wave and form has a sound. Everything (really everything, like yourself, the world around you: plants, animals, objects) has a sound. The whole universe is in a state of vibration which includes human beings and to pinpoint this: every organ, cell, bone, tissue and liquid of the body, and also the electromagnetic fields surrounding the body (aura), has a healthy vibratory frequency.

Sound has the intersecting quality to change form on all levels: physical, ethereal, emotional and spiritual. And can work also simultaneously on all these levels.


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