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1. Observation and intake interview with interested parties.

Katoa offers school-based counselling in order to empower children, so they can succeed at school, overcome personal and social problems and improve their participation in the (school) community.

Katoa uses counselling in its’ broad perspective for the support of all the different parties. You may see Katoa as a metaphoric umbrella which covers all the different methods which are explained on this website.

Depending on what is needed to be examined: the counselling focuses either on supervision in the classroom or directly on the child/ student. Directly managing and supporting a teacher through tips and direct feedback. Katoa works directly with the request for help and needs of the schools by developing a custom–made support plan. The interconnectedness between both pupil-teachers/parents/ guardians plays an essential role in this.

Katoa can be deployed by schools in different ways:


2. Interviews

Conduct individual interviews with the child/student/, teachers and parents/care takers.

3. Counselling plan

Individual counselling, guidance and educational lessons, class- and school-wide programming. Based on the rock and water method combined with other programmes (character education, conflict resolution, bullying prevention).

4. Feedback, evaluation and assurance

Training for teachers to help them understand the needs of children/students; so they can implement accommodations that will help facilitate success.

        Katoa for Schools




For pupils/students

For individual students who are facing problems in their social-emotional development and exhibiting behaviourial difficulties.

To support group processes. One can think of difficult or challenging group dynamics but one can also deploy Katoa as a preventive support for groups. Katoa can work with the group as a whole or with subgroups. After some lessons work they can be put it together in the whole group.

For teachers and schools

Katoa can also council teachers so the teacher gets support on how to deal with difficult behaviour, class management and interaction between themselves and the students.

In addition, Katoa can develop a school wide analysis of the difficulties a school is facing and how these can be solved. Central to this analysis is the ongoing support through the school career, especially for children who need extra support.

During visits/working at a school, Katoa often uses an empty (class)room, depending on the size of the group/ individual sessions.


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