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Rock and Water focus on children and young people who are showing behaviour problems and disorders.

Behaviour problems and disorders

Often children with disorders in the Autistic Spectrum, social- emotional problems, oppositional behaviour, ADHD or another not specified behaviour problem encounter a lot of negative situations. Whether or not initiated by themselves.

With the Rock and Water program children can:

• develop more self-confidence and better communication skills.

• learn how to deal with the world and it’s sometimes difficult demands.

The aim of the lessons is to increase the perspective of these children as to how they can deal well with (stressful) situations. Instead of appearing emotionally closed, surviving through force power and overt behaviour (to rocky) or being too compliant towards others, not able to react assertive and anxious and avoiding behaviour.

Important for these children is that they don’t lose themselves and learn the importance of both ways and learn to use this. By using the psycho- physical approach, children are increasing their self-awareness, which leads to self-control, which will lead to self confidence and to self reflection.

   For girls and women

   For special needs

Rock and Water Programm

How it works


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More about how Rock and Water works

Structure and safety

When children and young adults develop these skills they can expand the basic principles to develop themselves as a person. By feeling secure, they can grow, increase their assertiveness so they can deal with difficult situations without losing yourself (control) and are able to communicate effectively in a verbal and non-verbally way.

The training sessions are given in a very structured and predictable way so children can feel safe and are more open to learn. In this safe structure children are taught  step by step to become more resilient. They learn how to deal with stressful impulses and because the exercises during the training are realistic and based on concrete situations the transfer to apply it in daily life will become more easily.


Rock and water for children and people with traumatic experiences and complex needs.

Children who are living with trauma or have complex needs do benefit of this program. Often these children do experience a lot of shame, anxiety, anger and all other emotions. While working with rock and water, the focus is on making the child or young people aware of his qualities and how he or she can live with the trauma instead of the trauma living with them. Often the trauma has developed severe paths in the brain, which triggers certain behaviour. With the lessons we aim to develop new paths in the brain, which will trigger more acceptable, healthier behaviour. So the child and young person will build up their self-confidence and body awareness and can participate in a happier way in the world and deal with difficulties.