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Rock and water is an educational program for primary as well as for secondary students to enlarge their social, emotional and spiritual development.

Program aims

• increase body awareness

• become aware of attitudes, emotions and patterns

• discover your physical as well as emotional strength

• become aware of attitudes, emotions and reaction


• increase self-confidence and learn to rely on your own


• experience your power and learn how to translate inner

   feelings into action

• use mental strength related to inner strength

• feel, set and defend boundaries

• deal with exciting situations without losing your inner


• cope with sexuality and different forms of (sexual)


That one can follow to become aware of one’s own, unique qualities and possibilities, one’s position in the group, and finally one’s tasks and responsibilities and the inner path to follow to become a genuine person.

As a generalisation, we see that girls have a preference for the verbal- emotional development.  Before they act they reflect upon a possible action to undertake. After action they reflect again and discuss this with others. Often you can see girls gathering in small groups in school or other places practising this very important skill: creating self-awareness through self-reflection and talking and listening to each other. For girls it can be a challenge to stay connected with their body, centre your power and focus your mind.

During the rock and water training with the focus on girls and women these themes are the base of the course. Together with a lot of attention of how girls develop (verbal- emotional) we will do a lot of exercises’ with the focus on believing in their own inner strength and by this increase their self-confidence (rock quality) and providing them the tools to translate this strength into communication with others.

   For girls and women

   For special needs

Rock and Water Programm

How it works


Hawke's Bay Region

New Zealand

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