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During a typical day, most people and children are distracted by moving, thinking and talking to themselves and towards others. With this you can build up a lot of tension and stress and this is sometimes reflected in negative responses towards a persons’ surroundings or themselves.

Clear sky

The metaphor which is often used in these meditations goes like this: it is the clear blue sky which symbolises the openness of your body, because when it is open, the sun can arise and brings everything to life and you can see that everything is already there. With this you can feel the warmth in your heart, the reunion from space and light.

Unfortunately, quite often our mind is occupied with thoughts which one can compare with a clouded sky. Most of the time, when having thoughts like that, we are trapped in those thoughts and it makes us forget that the sun is always shining behind the clouds. So when you let the clouds dissolve, the clear and open sky one will discover the sun again and let you be warmed with its’ qualities.

Inner peace

During the meditation you will connect with the peace and stillness of your body, the silence of your (inner)speech, and the spaciousness of your heart and mind.

With these moments of full connection you will truly experience a deep feeling of equanimity, compassion, love and joy. By experiencing these qualities one can be more open in life and act in a positive spontaneous way. This reduces your stress, struggling and tension.

Bön tradition

During gatherings we will share meditations provided by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche (via internet teachings). These are meditations from the ancient Tibetan Bon (or Bön) tradition. Over many centuries, the wisdom of meditation has been given through a lineage of great Bon masters. Today,  a respected voice in the Western world is Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. The power of his teachings stem from the clarity, power and usefulness in our daily lives.  For more information about this, visit: www.ligmincha.org.

        Katoa Meditation

Meditation provides moments of rest and stillness in your daily life. It also creates a full connection with who you truly are. Within these moments you can experience a deep feeling of  harmony, peace, compassion, love, joy and confidence.



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