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        Katoa for Families

Each session is unique and designed to realise the best possible answer to the request representing those needs. Besides the child and the family, also teacher(s), the class and school can be involved and are sometimes asked to participate.

Most of the time, parents and other care takers know what is best for their child and can tell others how a child will flourish in his or her best way. However, occasionally it is unclear how one can support a child in the best way. Katoa believes in family empowerment and support. So to support this in the best possible way, Katoa start by having an interview with the parents/ care takers of the child.

During this interview we try to discover what the needs of the child are, both from the child themself and the other family members. Following this, a plan is made which may include working with the child, but also with the other familiy members. When desirable, parents/care takers are also invited to be present at the sessions.

If there is a need Katoa can work with family constellations. Often, when using this method, patterns are displayed. Once these patterns are observed and understood, they can be changed and healed.


Counselling with Katoa is a method which links the needs of the child and its’ family with the aim to fulfil the needs which exist and occur at that very moment.


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